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I've been in the insurance business for over 28 years and since 2007 when Michael and myself came together as Strathman-Winch everything seems to have clicked for myself and my clients.  Having 4 kids of my own, I know the difficulties associated with insuring teenage drivers, protecting your home, finding the right life insurance policy and more.

Each day as I commute from Bristol, I reflect on how happy I am that each day I get to help our local community with their insurance needs.

Handling someone's insurance needs is something that is very personal and is a hands-on process.  It's important that Strathman-Winch remains a local business so we can super-serve the people who depend on us. 

Thank You for Visiting,
Brian Strathman​
"There is something about helping the people you see everyday that means the most"say's Michael Winch a resident of Cheshire. When I'm not cheering on my kids on the soccer field over at at Quinnipiac Park, I'm helping people in our area find the best insurance coverage.  I've had over 25 years of experience in the insurance business and this gives me an added edge when I serve my clients.  Experience enables me to find  clients the best insurance coverage at the most competitive price.  
Married and a father of 3,  I understand the struggles of this world and know how impersonal it's become.  Our guarantee is when you put your trust in Strathman-Winch you'll always get the personal service you deserve and expect.  Most importantly you'll never be just another number like you are with the large insurance chains. 
I look forward to helping you,
Michael Winch
Everyone has insurance and at one time or another uses insurance.  My goal as an insurance broker is to educate my clients and the general public on the
current insurance that they possess and the changes that are occuring in the insurance industry today and in the future. My promise is to strive to provide 
top class service and support to my clients while at the same time listening and helping to simplify complicated insurance jargon into easy to understand 
advice, so that you can make an informed decision for yourself. I look forward to being able to help any and all who call or knock on my door.
Chris Parkhurst
The foundation of our success is our loyal customers.  We appreciate your patronage and will continue to work hard to justify your faith in our company.​
EDIT Strathman-Winch offers all your major insurance carriers locally all in one convenient stop. HEADING.
At Strathman-Winch we offer a wide insurance portfolio including life, health, disability, home, auto, umbrella, boat and more. We can provide coverage for all of your commercial needs as well. Protecting your assets is essential to sound financial planning and we can help.​
  • Over 50 Years of Combined Experience in the Insurance Industry
  • All the Best Carriers
  • Competitive Rates
  • Informative Team to Provide Education about the Best Insurance Options